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Dance Floor LED Display

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Full Color P3.91 P4.81 Dance Floor LED Display

Box size: 500*500MM / 500*1000MM

Product Description


1. Waterproof, explosion-proof and low-temperature-resistant design: applied to indoor and outdoor LED floors, a single module is independently waterproof, can be applied to all outdoor cold climates. Cabinet size have both 500*500mm and 500*1000mm.


2. Interaction effect: Multi-touch function, no external interaction device is needed to realize human-computer interaction,
interactive LED display with touch function.

3. Quick maintenance: simple disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance.


Dance Floor Video led display uses a high strength resin mask ,with the support of solid die-casting aluminum equipment ,big load-bearing capacity ,easy to connect ,can be directly stampede with highly performance protective structure ,can be connected seamlessly with next panel ,random combinations.  

Special driving IC built inside the LED display PCB will work together with interactive control system. It will easily and quickly make you interesting and attractive between the players and display. 



1. Play video source after special processing

2. First control the special playback software in the computer through the LED display, DVI / HDMI and other signal output,connect to the main controller of the video signal processing through the signal cable, and then connect to the signal distributor through the optical fiber or network cable Play the full screen.



3. When the LED floor tile screen interacts with the audience, the position sensor on the display detects the interaction point of the interactive audience, and the positioning controller of the floor tile screen transmits the position coordinate information of this interaction point back to the LED display control computer After the control computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can transmit it back to the LED display control computer according to the received coordinateinformation. After the control computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can according to the received coordinate information.

4. To call different program files and video files for playback, the screen displayed on the LED interactive floor tile screen has corresponding real-time changes to achieve 

the effect of real-time interaction




Technical Parameter

Dance Floor Full Color LED Display

Pixel pitch

3.91mm /4.81mm

Pixel configuration



5020/2037/2038s /6124 /6163 /2153

LED lamp

Naton star/ Kinglight

Module size


Cabinet size

500*500mm /500*1000mm

Cabinet material

Aluminum /Iron

Cabinet weight

10 ~20 kg   

Controller card

Nova Star/ Colorlight/ Linsn /Huidu

Control method

Synchronization/ Asynchronization



Defect rate


Maintenance mode

Back access

Average power consumption


Max power consumption


Input power frequency


Refresh rate

 1920Hz ~ 3840Hz

Operating temperature

–30℃ ~ +70 ℃ 

10% ~ 95% RH


IP Grade


Life span


Viewing angle

140°W ; 140°H

Best viewing distance


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