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About Us


About Us


Shenzhen Honghui Guangdian Technology CO., LTD , founded in 2015, is a comprehensive professional LED display factory. Honghui always concentrate on offering high quality & high performance LED application products and solutions to professional agents and customers ,together with the most intimate and the most efficient service.

Honghui continue to pursue guiding ideology of excellent quality, which have always focused on full color LED display and LED application products R&D, Production, sales and service areas. Honghui focus on different kinds of LED products and diversified product structure R&D, whose LED products already covered more than 136 global countries, with over 2,000 successful LED projects: advertising media, stage entertainment, sports venues, city lighting, traffic guidance, financial institutions ,etc over 10 applied areas. Honghui HD LED Screen ,include P0.9, P1.25, P1.5625, and P1.667.Honghui win the great favor of many customers at home and abroad, whose advantage are High Resolution, Convenient Handling, Beautiful Design, and Stable Quality, etc.

Since its foundation, Honghui have always been keeping the Core Concept of “Good Quality & Complete Service" to focus on establishing LONG-TERM, TRUSTED, WIN-WIN cooperation relationship with customers.

An excellent leading CEO has market-oriented strategy, flexible and good management, and constant-learning and endless innovation mind .

A professional engineering team with 8 years LED R&D and problem-solving experience An outstanding sales team with extremely patient and quick & serious reply.

A complete production team with independent decontaminating dust-free workshop, R&D base and the most advanced production and testing equipment to achieve unique product design

A perfect 24-hours after-sales service team .

Honghui sincerely want to Win Customer Confidence, Trust ,Sincerity and Happiness!

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