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  • p1.923 led module

    P1.923 Indoor HD Small Pixel LED Display Module(200*150mm)

    P1.923 full color indoor LED display function: 1. Using die-cast aluminum box. 2. Display function and editing requirements: The computer online communication control mode can display the current time, Chinese and English characters, BMP pictures and other information, and automatically adjust the program content. 3. Screen function: There are more than 40 kinds of dynamic and static display special effects modes such as moving, turning pages, covering, closing, anti-white, blinds, zooming and zooming, which makes the monotonous text and picture have strong attraction. 4. Information source: Manually input various information through the computer, and use Chinese friendly interface to display content visualization.   Advantages of P1.923 full color indoor LED display: 1. Adopt independent point-by-point correction technology to ensure uniformity between points. 2. The light-emitting point of the display panel adopts a column-shaped flat-headed light-emitting diode. After testing, the vertical and horizontal full-view angles can reach 140 degrees. 3.The reflector that forms the lamp panel is made by opening the mold and seamlessly matches the light-emitting point. The finished product can be made with minimal surface height error. 4.Using LED lamp whose brightness is high. 5.The heat of the LED is mainly lost from the metal pin, which determines the display panel with good heat dissipation performance. 6. Broken LED lamp can be replaced one by one, without affecting the use of other LED lamps and reducing maintenance costs. 7. Using the latest technology level video control system, the display color is bright and clear. Indoor P1.923 LED Display Module Specification Pixel Pixel  Pitch 1.923 mm Pixel Configure 1R1G1B SMD 3IN1 Pixel Density 270,400 Pixel/m² LED Lamp LED Type SMD 1515 LED Lamp Nation Star /King light Chip Brand EPISTAR Wavelength & Brightness Red:620-625nm;174-230mcd Green:520-525nm;680-900mcd Blue:470-475nm;130-160mcd Module Module Dimension 200 mm(W)x150 mm(H) Module Resolution 104 Pixel * 78 Pixel   Scanning Method 1/26 S   Drive IC 5020 /5124 /5153 / 2037 /2038 /2038S/2053 Refresh Rate >1920HZ Viewing Angle Horizontal : 140 °     Vertical: 140 ° Brightness 800-1300 cd/m² Best Viewing Distance 2-30 m LED Life 100,000 Hours Maximum Power 600w/m²  Average Power 300w/m² Input Voltage 220V/110V ±10%  Operation Environment Temperature: -20°C~60°C; Humidity: 10%~95% Protection Grade IP 43 LED Module Weight 0.3 kg/piece

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