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P4.81 Outdoor Commercial LED Display Screen

hanging stage led screen ,easy to move and remove ,big advertising led screens 

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    P4.81 Outdoor LED
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Technical solution for rental and stage rental LED wall display : 

1. High Quality Components 

LED lamp: High-brightness and anti-static LED lamps with wide viewing range and lower power consumption. It can save your rental led display screen energy.

Driving IC: Constant current LED driving ICs with current gain control; the light decay can be controlled to maintain a stable brightness, which is suitable for outdoor led screen advertising.

Connectors: Aircraft-grade reliable connectors, ensuring stable power supply and data transmission to make led screen for best led wall.

Antiglare mask: Patented new-style antiglare mask on the surface of hd LED display absorbs direct light to eliminate light reflection, thus no glare will disturb the audience. It also improves contrast ratio and enlarges the viewing angle of the large video display screen.

Die-casting aluminum cabinet: thin, light and precise die-casting aluminum cabinets, achieving seamless connection between cabinets, easy to transport and convenient to assemble and disassemble. Side lock and hanging mechanism make quick assembly. These feature make outdoor digital screen displays more suitable for live events and no need to worried about digital screen price.

Video processor: Professional video professor, supporting various video signals such as AV, S-Video, RGB, YPBPR, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, etc. to make led running display.

2. Advanced Control Technology 

Calibration: Adopting Pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration technique to keep uniform brightness and natural colors of LED hd screen display.

Adjustable brightness: Adjusting screen brightness manually, appropriate and comfortable for the audience. It is programmable led panel , easily to control.

Double backup system: When one control system falls into malfunction, the other one will back up and start work immediately to make smd led display screen effect more stable.

High refresh rate: Using special controller and driving ICs to guarantee refresh rate at least 1920 Hz.

Live broadcast: Providing live broadcast with professional video professor or video server for any events such as concerts, shows, conventions, trade expo, sports, etc. which is perfection for outdoor led advertising panel.


Dot Pitch

4.81 mm

Pixel Configure


Pixel Density

43,264  Pixel/m²

LED Lamp


SMD 2727

Chip Brand


Wavelength & Brightness




Module Resolution

52 Pixel * 52 Pixel

Drive Mode

Constant Current Drive

Scanning Method

1/13  Scanning

Module Dimension

250 mm(Width)x250 mm(Height)

Drive IC

MBI5124/MBI 5153 /ICN2038S /ICN2053

LED & Drive Composition

Light-Drive Combo

Refresh Rate



Cabinet Thickness

80 mm

Cabinet Assembly

Connecting Sheet

Cabinet Color(Front/Back)


Aviation Plug


Maintenance Mode

Front / Back Maintenance

Cabinet Material

Die Casting Aluminum

Cabinet Dimension

500*1000mm /500*500mm

Module QTY

2(Width)X4(Height)   or 2(Width)X2(Height)

Power Supply

G-energy /Mean well

LED Screen

Viewing Angle

Horizontal : 140 °     Vertical: 140 °



Best Viewing Distance


LED Life


Maximum Power


Average Power


Input Voltage

220V±10% Or 110V±10%

Operation Environment

Temperature: -20°C~60°C; Humidity: 10%~95%

Protection Grade

IP 65

LED Screen Weight

17.5 kg/cabinet  

I.Function introduction of led display screen :

1.Honghui LED is not just one of digital display manufacturers ,we could meet different customer requirements, we do P1.667,P1.8, P1.9, P2, P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4,P4.81, P5, P6,P8,P10 LED display.

2.Synchronous and Asynchronous system option, plug and display, we can give solutions for different led display case and need not worried about led wall screen price.

3.LED pixel display screen can show video, animation, picture, live show,tv show,etc.

II.Advantages of outdoor wall led display screens : 

1.super flatness& uniformity, large view angle, high brightness which can make excellent advertising led display screen.

2. Long visual distance, screen can be viewed in a faraway space for mdwndown area, which is also led sign panel can show led digital signage.

3. Screen can work under very strong sunlight and very suitable for led advertising signs.

4. Outdoor standard cabinet applied with strong humidity resistance ability as well as corrossion resistance ability; cabinet still works in good condition under all kinds of bad weather; strong durability.

5. Wide application usage, high IP grade,cost effective, customers can enjoy high-quality visual effect with favorable price, greatly lower investment cost.
III.Application area of led display screen :
1.Full color LED display : Equally or compactly make the red, green, blue color in one dot, equally distribute at the panel tom make the whole display.

2. Usually apply for physical sports, advertisement, bank, stock exchange, station, port, marketplace, telecommunication, department, school, monitor, restaurant, entertainment,etc.

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Honghui products widely used in indoor/outdoor advertising, stage background rental, with its full color LED displays advantages. We offer 24 hours online solution.

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Honghui products widely used in indoor/outdoor advertising, stage background rental, with its full color LED displays advantages. We offer 24 hours online solution.