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P8 Outdoor Nation Star Anti-cold Customized LED Display In Russia 2019-05-01

Russian customer came to our Honghui led factory and signed a contract with us .

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Ms Star with Russian Customer (2019.04)

They required P8 outdoor led display:

1. Anti-cold material

2.Mean Well anti-cold power supply

3.Nation Star led lamp

4.Special IP 67 waterproof LED cabinet

5.Afer 72 hours serious testing time

6.100% checking quality before shipping our of factory

Customer sent us inquiry in made-in-china.com , required for quotation of P6/P8/P10 , also told us if offer is good , they will come to visit our factory . His phone number was also left to us , with a fast response, i had got in touch with customer , we had good interaction .

Our first meeting:

On the day of March ,they come to us , two men who is 95 generation,speak fluent English ,graduated in Chinese university . After a rest for some minutes, we begin to introduce our workshop and production line to them ,about the materials,especially the led lamp (Nation Star led lamp),they are very interested. Also they want to know software operation , the general specification of outdoor led display ,the solution for anti-cold temperature, we offer them (Anti-cold material+Mean Well anti cold power supply)

About the transportation method , We have cooperate with professional agent , so we quote price fast and completed ,customer is satisfied , but they still need to check with their team then response us. After our meeting , they go to another factory to check .

The second meeting:

Since It is their first time to buy led display , so they need to check everything , after two months waiting , we discuss solution again and again , price bargaining ,finally they confirmed , and  come again for official contract

They still cut down price on site , they offer the form , we complete the contract together

Finally we complete it , our boss signed and stamped .

As a friend customer, they bring Russia wine to us .

It is a happy cooperation .After their deposit , we start to produce their order .

Our production and our service:

During the production , we obey the contract strictly .

Make CAD drawing of cabinet for customer to confirm.

100% checking the led(72 hours serious testing time) , check quality and quantity of power supply , cables , accessories ,before ship out the led screen .

After they receive the led display , we had a assistant about the operation ,Under the guidance of our engineer ,they installed and configured led display successfully !

Customer feedback:

After testing all , they required some changes to improve the cabinet design (Special IP 67 waterproof LED cabinet) and requirements for connector of cables .

Follow their new demands , we produce several new led display for them again .

They are very satisfied with our quality and service .

After that We build long term cooperation , every few month , we produce new order for them . 

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