Outdoor Led Display Screen
Quality Warranty

100% QC Inspection---led module testing 48 hours before shipping.

100% QC Inspection---led display testing over 72 hours before shipping.

2 years Long Term Warranty.



This Warranty only covers products manufactured by Honghui Guangdian Technology Co., Ltd (below is short for Honghui ) and does not cover any products manufactured by others.

1. Scope of Application
1.1.  All LED display products produced by Honghui.

2. Warranty Terms
2.1.  The products from Honghui are warranted for 2 years from the date of delivery.
2.2.  The products should be used under normal condition or used as instructions recommended in the manual.
2.3.  The products carry their own warranty and should be considered before returning any products. Honghui will not accept returned items without prior notice.
2.4.  During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced by Honghui free of charge.
2.5. Honghui will return the products to the customer in working condition.

3. After-sales Policy
3.1.Honghui will replace or repair defective led display products within 15 working days upon our approved inspection of the returned products.
3.2.Honghui will also be responsible for the shipping cost when returning the defective products from our factory to customer company.
3.3. Any unconformity (comparing with the requirement of the order) found after receiving goods, and which would affect use and sales, after proving, goods can be replaced. Freight costs undertaken by both sides.
3.4. If the returned goods are proving without any problem, the goods cannot be used just because of customer’s improper use, all the freight costs would be undertaken by customer .
3.5. If the goods were damaged in transit, customer must be in consultation with the transport company for compensation, customer can provide pictures and video to Honghui for assisting processing.
3.6.Honghui will not be responsible for any costs or expenses caused by following conditions:

Product that has been modified by the user.
Product that was disassembled without normal official permission.
Product was not installed or not maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.
Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.
Damages caused by force majeure (such as flood, earthquake, natural disaster, war and so on)
It’s the normal phenomenon that 0.2%-0.3% LED lights burnt out on the lamp, this situation is out of the range of repair or exchange

4. After-sales Procedure
4.1. To obtain approval of products returning to Honghui, customer needs to follow our after-sales procedures below:
Email the detailed information to sales who you contact. It should include the “customer name and address”, “Invoice number”, “Defective products quantity and items”, “The testing report of defective products or proof photos”.
Returned product will be inspected upon arrival at the factory. Once product is determined to be defective, we will replace or repair the product within 15 working day

4.2.Notice: Any after-sales service without authorization of Honghui will not be accepted. 

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